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We’re planning to use this space for ordering all printed materials from the IS. We’ll be gradually adding more products and features. In a few weeks you should be able to place advance orders for AIR2015/16


Customer log-ins – checking the details

If you are reading this, then you should have been sent log-in details and have your customer details already uploaded. Please do take a few moments to visit your account details and check that the billing address and delivery addresses are correct. If all is OK, then no action is needed. If you want to change something or add more addresses, then it is easy to do so. If something seems not to be working, or if you have a question, then please get in touch with Production Services and we will do our best to solve your problem.


What is coming in the future?

We’re planning to gradually increase the range of products available here. Later this year we’ll be adding details for AIR2015/16, and expecting all internal Amnesty customers to use this website as the way to order copies of the annual report and USB memory sticks. We’ll also be adding links for other downloadable resources, such as the information graphics. After that, we’ll be adding information about Death Penalty materials, and then for other Amnesty campaigns as well as items such as WIRE magazine. In the future we expect to add more options to the site and open it to more customer groups, eventually offering products for external customers.


Get in touch

If you have any questions, or if something does not seem to be working - get in touch. We’re also interested to get any feedback or comments on the site. Please bear with us while we develop and improve the range of options and products, and let us know if you have any problems.


Write for Rights 2015

If you are reading this, then we think that you’ve probably already had a marketing email from Production Services, and that the IS Campaigns team has already been talking to you about what’s on offer.

This is the place to advance-order printed materials and merchandise for this year’s Write for Rights. Explore the products available and confirm your orders using the shopping basket.

W4R T shirts

As you may already be aware, this year we are having similar T shirts to those used in 2014 – as usual, they’re available in all core languages in sizes from Small to XL.

W4R Pens

This year’s W4R pens are similar to the ones from last year, they’re available in each of our core languages and we need you to place your advance orders as soon as possible.

Other W4R products

This year we have a new range of stickers, case cards and posters. This year we’re not producing a generic poster.


How much will it all cost?

If you are a paying section, then take a careful look, as you’ll find that prices have improved on previous years, so check to see if it might be worth ordering some items here rather than getting your own supplies printed locally.


What’s the deadline for ordering?

In order to deliver in time, we need need all advance orders for W4R materials to be placed by October 2 2015.


How will stuff be shipped?

The arrangements for shipping the materials should be similar to previous years. Wherever possible we’ll be using tracked services and sending you an email with the details. You should be able to log into your account and check on the progress of each of your orders.


What will it cost?

Prices are shown against individual items and the shopping basket will show you the total costs of your combined order. For non-paying sections you should see clear information explaining this year’s allocations for Free items. Do get in touch if anything is not clear, or if you have any problems.


What about payment?

To start with we are not accepting any payments through this website. If you are a non-paying section, then we’re extending the usual service and providing limited allocations of materials free of charge. If you are a paying section, then simply place your order and we will send you an invoice. We’ll pass on the details of your invoice to our finance team in the usual way and they’ll be able to set it against other transactions as usual.

As we develop the site and set of features further in the future, we may introduce facilities to enable online payment by credit card. We’ll need to do this if we ever make part of this site available for external customers to use, something we hope to do.


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